Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sun Bears are coming!!!

Here is a piece I did for the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk. A Pen and Ink with watercolor sign highlighting 
the exhibit changes expected this year.  The client was very thoughtful and sent the finished product without a request from me. It’s always a pleasure working with people who appreciate the efforts of others.

Mass Guard website places second in NGB media awards

Shortly after my deployment to Iraq I was asked to develop the website for the Massachusetts National Guard. For the last four years I have managed and maintained the site. Posting well over 450 separate stories and videos. This year our organization submitted the site for consideration in the National Guard Bureau Media Awards. Our site came in second only behind a state that had their site outsourced to a development company. Not too shabby for an all guard designed and managed website. I would be remiss in not thanking the folks at NGB and GKO for our hosting and technical support.