Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Winter on the horizon

The Backside of the Embassy Annex, Baghdad, Iraq.

I awoke this morning to chilly temperatures in my room. Not bone chilling like I would experience back home, but certainly a change to the usual weather here in Baghdad.
Winter is coming. In Massachusetts that would mean up to 4 feet of snow and 5-20 degree daily temps. What it means here is Fall like weather. High’s in the 70’s and lows down in the 40’s. Winter also brings the rainy season here in Iraq. I know in January and February it will get even colder.
I walk from my room to work in the palace and I see allot of the personnel here starting to wear their fleece coats. I suspect that when you’re used to 110 degrees, adjusting to 75-80 might take a few weeks.
So this winter will be different for me, but before you know it the temps will start to creep back into the 100’s.

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