Monday, August 20, 2007

Kuwait is Hot!!!

After over 16 hours of flying, my unit arrives in Kuwait. We get off the plane and wham we get hit with 100 degrees and it’s 1 a.m. local time.
Keep off the grass? Kuwait is the land that grass forgot.

Kind of reminds me of Tatooine. Throw a moisture vaporator out there and your in the Star Wars galaxy. This photo was shot on the way to Ali assalim as we were getting ready to fly out to Baghdad International Airport.
Nevertheless we’re all excited to see a new location. After a few hours of unloading the airplane, we head north to our next stop in our journey.
The military has several transient bases set up for soldiers moving in and out of Iraq. In the pics above you can see one of the tents we stayed in and what the scenery was like.
Temperatures got to well over 125 degrees each day. That wasn’t to bad but the sun was brutal. I’m pretty fair skinned so I put liberal amounts of SPF 50 sunscreen on and still got quite a bit of color. The sun got so hot that wearing gloves was par for the course. Otherwise the items, such as your weapon, got to hot to handle.
The base had all the amenities needed to stay in touch with the folks back home. You even had a star-bucks, a Burger King and a Harley Davidson Shop.
Well the next stop will be Iraq. We’re due to head out anytime and we’re just waiting for our flight.

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